My teaching interests within American politics include elections, Congress, political polarization, and public opinion. I also enjoy teaching classes focused on on public policy, undergraduate research methods, and academic writing.

As of July 2022, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Kenyon College. This coming semester, I am teaching PSCI/AMST 200D: Liberal Democracy in America and PSCI 303: Campaigns and Elections.

Previously, I taught at Duke University, offering courses in in the Departments of Statistical Science and Political Science and in the Thompson Writing Program. I have also taught courses in the UNC Political Science Department and the MPA@UNC program.

Teaching is incredibly rewarding because it allows me to channel my expertise into guiding students’ educational journey. My classes are usually a mix of short lectures intertwined with other modes of learning, such as class-wide discussions, simulations, and activities that emphasize specific skills. I design my lectures to not be a one-sided conversation, but rather promote critical thought and provoke responses from students. I also incorporate active learning into my classes with simulations and discussions.

Here are sample syllabi from two of the courses I have taught: